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What can we do?

Mouse damageWe can repair anything from major road rash to Mice eating your brand new leathers.  See, mice do have taste!! Marian has even replaced a complete sleeve in the past.  We prefer to replace whole panels where possible to ensure the strength and integrity of the original.  In alot of cases the repair will be far superior to the original work and materials.

Marian has been working with leather now for over 13 years, and has specialised in Motorcycle clothing for the last 5.  She has made suits from scratch in the past, but now prefers to repair and alter only.  if you want to know how good she is, look at the comments page.

Mouse damageIf it is simply a matter of a zip or repair that does not require measurement, you may post the item to us, and we can take payment over the phone by Credit/Debit card, or we can have it collected and delivered by Insured City Link Courier for 24.00

All construction and repair/alteration work is aimed to comply with the existing Cambridge Standard for Motorcyclists' Clothing Part 1, which exceeds the EU prEN 13595.1 - 13595.4

The pictures below are from a work in progress, when it is finished I'll publish the before and after pictures, but this damage gives you an Mouse damageidea of what can be repaired.


and Here for whole suit

This was caused by a mouse.  Marian will match the colour and replace the panels with new motorcycle quality leather.


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